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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP has expressed her anger at new figures showing that the UK Tory Government could claw back from NHS workers more than 90% of the £500 ‘Thank You’ payment that was made by the Scottish Government.

She called on the Tories to reverse their previous opposition to ensuring that NHS workers can receive this money in full, saying:

“The Scottish Government made a £500 payment to all NHS and Social Care workers as a ‘Thank You’ for all their hard work in response to the global pandemic.

“What the Scottish Government cannot do is make that payment exempt from being included in calculations for taxation or benefits.  Only the UK Government have the powers to do that and, very disappointingly, they have refused to do so.

“These latest figures – from no less an institution than the House of Commons Library – show very starkly what that refusal is costing NHS and Social Care workers.  

“Instead of receiving the full benefit of their well-deserved payment, that Care Home workers, NHS porters, healthcare support workers, nurses and paramedics claiming tax credits and housing benefit could have as much as 90.9% of the £500 payment clawed back by the UK government, leaving them with less than £50!

“It seems the UK Government have managed to get through Christmas without being visited by the ghosts of benefits decisions, past, present and future, to help them shake off their Scrooge-like approach to the health and social care ‘Thank You’ payment.  These figures really should persuade even the hardest heart in Westminster to change their mind.

“This would be an easy thing for the UK Government to sort and it would mean a huge amount for the people who would benefit.  It is quite clear that a U-turn is needed, and it is needed now!”


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