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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP has expressed her dismay at the decision by the Lloyds Banking Group that they intend to close the Bank of Scotland Branches in both Auchterarder and Kinross, as part of another nationwide wave of bank closures.

Ms Cunningham said:

“It is very disappointing indeed to hear of these plans to close the Bank of Scotland branches in Auchterarder and Kinross.  I want to know what this will mean for the staff at both branches.

“Whilst banking facilities are available through the Post Office and the Bank of Scotland will now be joining the Royal Bank in making weekly mobile bank visits, this announcement means that – with the TSB in Kinross scheduled to close in May – we are witnessing the total departure of High Street banking from both towns. 

“That is very sad indeed and will be felt particularly by those who still use branch banking – the very people who find it hardest to access other forms of banking or travel to more distant branches.  Local businesses used to being able to bank their daily takings will also be severely inconvenienced.

“I will be writing to the Bank of Scotland to urge them to change their minds and, at the very least, whether arrangements can be made to leave the ATMs in place.

“There is absolutely no doubt that bank use by most people has been changing at an increasing rate but the disappearance of local availability, and, above all, personal contact, is a big loss and threatens to leave some of the most vulnerable customers behind.

“Clearly the free market will not sustain local banking of its own volition and with the regulation of banking remaining reserved to Westminster, I cannot see the sort of intervention that would be required coming from that direction.”


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NOTE: The full list of proposed branch closures can be viewed online here

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