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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP has made a submission to a consultation being carried out by Stagecoach into bus service changes they are roposing and which will affect the service offered to her constituents.

As part of her submission, Ms Cunningham criticised Stagecoach for holding this consultation over the holiday period and has urged them to extend the deadline for submissions and delay the introduction of any changes.

Ms Cunningham said:

“I have expressed my concerns to Stagecoach about their proposed changes to two services in particular. 

“The withdrawal of services 14/14A to Almondbank & Pitcairngreen & service 15 to St Fillans would have a significant and detrimental effect on my constituents in these areas, whilst the suggestion that the service on the No 15 between Crieff and Perth be changed back to an hourly service is a retrograde step. 

“The move to a half-hourly service on that route is only relatively recent, it was very welcome when it was brought in, and I do not believe it has been given a long enough period in which to become established.  

“In both situations, Stagecoach cite a lack of uptake of the services but they have given us no information on which to judge that assertion.  I have asked for detail on actual passenger numbers and for an indication of what efforts have actually been made to advertise and encourage increased uptake.

“Chopping and changing times in this fashion is hardly conducive to encouraging increased uptake and the net result is likely to be a continuing decline in overall passenger numbers.   

“I presume that Stagecoach does not wish that to happen, so it would be helpful to hear their proposals to turn this situation around. Surely the first response to low or falling passenger numbers should be to attract new users, not cut services.

“I have also pointed out to Stagecoach that having a consultation of this nature over the holiday period is hardly conducive to encouraging customer engagement and I urged them to both extend the deadline and delay the introduction of any new timetable.”


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