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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP has expressed her disappointment at the decision of the TSB to close their branch in Kinross.

Ms Cunningham said:

“I was very disappointed today to receive confirmation from the TSB that they intend to close their branch in Kinross.

“There is absolutely no doubt that bank use by most people has been changing at an increasing rate and so, on one level, from the usage statistics quoted by the TSB, one can see why this decision was taken – fewer than 13,000 transactions in the last 12 months, as compared to an average of 34,000 and only six regular customers visiting them every week.

“However, the more they close smaller branches, the more likely it is that remaining small-town branches will be less busy than the ‘average’ and it is hardly surprising that branch usage should be so low when, since the end of July, customers will have found the doors locked six days of the week.

“My primary concern is for those particular customers who will be most inconvenienced by this closure, who will I suspect be predominantly elderly, less well off, and unwilling or unable to access banking services via phone or computer.  I am pleased, therefore, to note that TSB is planning tailored individual interviews for such customers to help them continue to carry out day-to-day banking tasks in the local area.

“The disappearance of local bank branches from our high streets – the Bank of Scotland is now the last bank left standing in Kinross, for example – is a real concern.  That loss of local availability, and, above all, personal contact, is a big loss and threatens to leave some of the most vulnerable customers behind.

“Unfortunately, the regulation of banking is reserved to Westminster and if Boris Johnston gets a majority to continue as Prime Minister, I cannot see any changes coming from that direction.”


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