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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP has called on local Conservatives to distance themselves from a call from a Glasgow Tory MSP to have a directly-elected Lord Provost for the whole of the Tay Cities Deal Region, which covers the whole of Tayside and North East Fife.

Ms Cunningham said:

“A Glasgow Tory MSP, Adam Tomkins, wants a directly-elected Lord Provost for the whole of the Tay Cities Deal area, one person in charge of spending £350million across Perth & Kinross, Dundee and Angus council areas as well as North East Fife.

“Of course, that individual would doubtless require an expensive tier of bureaucratic support around them.  

“This is a ludicrous and expensive plan which is utterly unnecessary – through the involvement of local councils there is already democratic accountability in place which recognises and represents the geographic diversity of the Tay Cities Deal area.  

"The Tories have already short-changed the Tay Cities Deal financially to the tune of £50 million, let’s not have them short-change it democratically as well by swapping cross-Council working for a sprawling fiefdom run by one individual.

“Local Tories need to make it very clear that they do not support this plan and distance themselves from Mr Tomkins.  Because, let’s be very clear about this, Mr Tomkins is not some rogue voice, he is the Conservative Party’s spokesperson on Communities in the Scottish Parliament.

“We need clarity on whether this plan is official Tory policy and we need to hear from Tory voices in Perth and Kinross telling Mr Tomkins that he is simply not on.”

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