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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP has hit out at the hypocrisy whereby the Tories have done nothing to influence RBS decisions despite the UK Government being a majority shareholder, while local Tory politicians display “faux fury” over plans by RBS to close the Comrie Branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

She said:

“The Westminster Government controls a majority share in RBS but instead of using that influence to build a bank that serves society, has done nothing on branch closures.  Instead, it has started selling off its shares below their market value.
“The Tories - including Luke Graham and Liz Smith - claim to back communities but are unashamed supporters of unfettered free market economics, precisely the environment that encourages decisions of this nature where profits are put before people and dividends ahead of communities.
“Faux fury at free market decisions doesn’t sit easily with being co-chair of a right-wing think tank dedicated to promoting the principle that decisions should always be determined by the market.
“Whilst I welcome all support possible for the retention of the Comrie Branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, I am sure that I am not alone in being utterly fed up at the hand-wringing hypocrisy and crocodile tears of local Tory politicians over the planned closure.”

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