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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP has received a response to her representations to RBS indicating some movement from their initial position in relation to the Royal Bank of Scotland presence in Comrie.


The letter also contained some of the branch-specific data that Ms Cunningham had requested which shows that the reduction in usage in both Comrie and Kinross is significantly less than the national figure that had previously been quoted. Ms Cunningham said: 

“This response is a welcome indication that RBS is, indeed, starting to shift both from their original announcement and from their first response to me which suggested that they would not be revisiting their decision.

“The first sign of movement is a concession that  24-hour RBS ATM will be retained in Comrie, albeit at a different location, should the building in which it is currently housed be sold.

“That is an important first step.  The argument for retaining the ATM was an extremely strong one and I am pleased that RBS has relented on that point although it does not entirely satisfy me as I very much want to see the branches in both Comrie and Kinross retained to continue to serve these communities.

“A further piece of progress is that I have now been supplied with some of the more localised data that I have been requesting.

“Until now, the decision to close branches in my constituency and across the country has been justified by the statement that branch usage has fallen by 44% since 2012.  My suspicion was that the situation would differ widely from branch to branch, particularly for those branches in rural areas and especially in those places where the Royal Bank of Scotland was the only bank left serving a community.

“Those suspicions of mine have proved to be well-founded as it appears that the drop in usage for the Comrie and Kinross branches are both significantly below the national figure at 14% and 33% respectively.“That discrepancy underlines how vital these branches are to those of the Royal Bank’s customer base who would find it very difficult indeed to access another branch or have all of their banking needs met in another manner.

“I welcome these first small steps towards sense being shown by RBS and I encourage them to go further and fully reverse their decision to close their branches in my constituency.”


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